Hildegard Christina Risse

Hildegard Christina Risse ART

Hildegard Christina Risse is a German abstract artist, painter based in Düsseldorf.

Born in Mettmann, Germany, she initially studied business administration before pursuing art at the Freie Akademie für Malerei in Düsseldorf and later with Prof. Markus Lüpertz.

Her works are characterized by vibrant colors and abstract expressionism, aiming to evoke emotions and involve the viewer.

Hildegard Christina Risse

Hildegard Christina Risse (HCR) has exhibited her work internationally, including in Brooklyn, New York, and various locations in Germany.

She has collaborated with photographer Robert Freund on several projects, including the „To Brooklyn with Love“ art book and the „AMERICA“ art book, which showcases her large-format paintings.

The art books are available via Amazon and German bookstores! Look here!

For more detailed information about her exhibitions and works, you can visit her NEW official artist website : https://www.hildegard-christina-risse.de

ANNOUNCEMENT: „Portrait“ the NEW HCR ART book.

The new book in the Trilogy ART book series by Hildegard Christina Risse will be published in September 2024. From her first portrait studies and drawings to her time as a master student with Prof. Lüpertz in the Kolbermoor studio, and the first art pictures in her own art studio in Düsseldorf and Brooklyn , USA.

Hildegard-Christina-Risse Portrait
Portrait book  by Hildegard Christina Risse art-book No III September 2024