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  • Welcome! …to my latest collection of paintings…

    inspired by my time spent in the vibrant city of New York City . 2023 – spring 2024 . created in Brooklyn /NYC . the place I love . Thank you so much.. . to everyone for your wonderful support & to my dear friend in America!


    „To Brooklyn with love“ and „AMERICA“ can be ordered now on Amazon. BUCH I To Brooklyn with love – Hildegard Christina Risse by Robert Freund Dieses Kunstbuch mit dem Titel: „To Brooklyn with love“ ist das erste von drei Kunstbüchern der HCR Trilogie No.I. Erstellt und fotografiert von den bekannten Düsseldorf Fotograf Robert Freund mit […]

  • Coach Bill Hart, California

      Coach Bill Hart, California, Sales- and Business Coach for Professionals and Executives, author of the book „White collar Warrior“, makes a special dedication to Hildegard Christina Risse during her stay in NYC during Feb/March 2023. So thankful! Coach Bill Hart

  • olidaytours.de

    Oliver Grieb from olidaytours.de, NYC, is the no 1 specialist and certified tourguide in NYC. Here Oliver Grieb is representing the artist Hildegard Christina Risse during her visit in NYC during Feb/March 2023.

  • Podcast with Dr. Laurel Emory

    Podcast with Dr. Laurel Emory, Coach + trusted advisor, California, on „Courage becomes Her“, taking a leap of faith.